Premium SMS

Communication with SMS based on premium charge Shortcodes

Premium SMS

Premium SMS services allow the reception of SMS messages sent to premium Shortcodes. Users are charged on a premium rate, and charging occurs instantly on their mobile phone bill. This allows for revenues to be generated.

Each SMS received, will allow you to send a free reply back to the same subscriber. Premium rate short codes are mostly used in marketing and advertising campaigns, because they are easy to remember and show professionalism.

When creating a premium SMS service keep in mind that a country's shortcode is only accessible by this county's local mobile subscribers only. Hence if you have an English mobile phone number for example, you cannot use it in order to participate in an american Premium SMS contest. They can be used for bidirectional communications and usually used for entering competitions, Quizzes e.t.c.

Premium SMS Services can be used for:

  • Contests, Quizzes, Games, Lottery - One of the most common applications of the five-digit short codes is SMS competitions and quizzes.
  • Dedications-Televoting - Television viewers and radio listeners can send their messages or dedications and vote via SMS, live from the TV screen or radio.
  • Sports Services - Games’ results updates, predictions, polls on sporting issues.
  • Product Competitions (Instant Win Competitions) - Users send the code printed on a product to a shortcode number and find out immediately whether they have won or not.
  • Content Delivery - Ringtones, Logos, Wallpapers, ScreenSavers, Truetones, Themes, Java games can be charged via Premium SMS.
  • SMS Micropayments - Charge the users of your website small fees without using a credit card..
  • SMS Ordering, SMS Customer Care - Businesses can now profit from a quick, easy to use and inexpensive way to organize an order-taking and customer care system.

Getting Started with Premium SMS Services:

  1. Download our Premium SMS form from here
  2. Fill in all the required fields and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. make sure to indicate the charging zone and your SMS keyword. Include detailed description of what you want to achieve.
  3. One of our representatives will contact you and discuss all the details
  4. Using the information provided our technical department will setup your account and give you access to it
  5. You are now ready to receive SMS on your keyword and shortcode

Premium SMS Services will enable you to:

  • Generate revenue by offering interactive SMS services to your clients
  • Gather any type of information using SMS
  • Receive a request with an SMS, do some actions or calculations based on the content, and reply accordingly
  • Schedule your campaigns for future deliver
  • Offer information via SMS based on specific criteria
  • Easily receive Micro payments for services offered on the internet

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