Advantages of 2 way Communication with SMS

New Communication Channel

Get closer to your customers using a friendly communication channel for them such as mobile phones.

Modern Communication

Your customers are reached by means of a modern and effective method of communication.

Realtime communication

Your customers get replies to their requests in real time

Measurable Communication

Get detailed reporting on messages received. Increase your customer database Contemporary

Free 2-way SMS HTTP API

Integrade 2 way messaging in your websites and applications easily with our free 2-way SMS HTTP API


Inform your customers about discounts and promotions. Give them the chance to reply with a simple SMS to express their opinions, or even order products or services you offer.

Cost Effective

Reduce your operating costs and serve customers in real time, giving them access to information needed via SMS. This eliminates the need for your personal intervention.

Bidirectional Communication

Allows you to establish a dialogue with your customers.